Attract the eyes of students, teachers and visitors alike with digital signage. Whether you want to promote on-campus events / news, fundraising, registry deadline reminders, or help a visitor get from one location to another. We have your answer.

Keep The Information Flowing, without the content overload

Digital displays are a great way to provide information to students, faculty and visitors, and by mixing content with graphics it attracts attention and increases retention rates. By empowering your visitors to find their own information at any point in time, you can satisfy their needs while allowing employees to focus on more specialized tasks.

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Benefits of Digital Signage in Education

  • Make Updates In Real-Time icon

    Make Updates In Real-Time

    Do you need to get important information out quickly? Our software allows you to make easy updates across all screens with the click of a button!

  • Boost Sales icon

    Boost Sales

    Promotions can be used to boost sales within a cafeteria, campus stores, or even within the registration area. Make sure your visitors know what's available to them.

  • Target Based Programming icon

    Target Based Programming

    Our software is tailored to help. We can show specific content based on the area, time of the day, or day of the week, helping to ensure that information shown is always relevant.