Keeping everyone on the floor both informed and safe is an important job. Digital signage is not to replace, but work alongside your staff to improve communication with employees.

Improve at work safety and communications

The digital signage benefits that affect the manufacturing industry are slightly different than customer facing signage, but not any less important. Manufacturing digital signage usually affects one of your greatest company assets, human capital, and keeping them safe and informed can do wonders for your business.

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The benefits of Digital Signage in manufacturing

  • Safety Procedure Reminders icon

    Safety Procedure Reminders

    Doing your job quickly and efficiently is great, but employees must also remember to work safely. Procedure reminders and first aid awareness can be rotated throughout content.

  • Showcase informative charts icon

    Showcase informative charts

    We are able to integrate with softwares currently used by the employees to showcase the information in a way that is easily read and understood, providing real-time production numbers.

  • Increase Communications icon

    Increase Communications

    There is a chance not all of your employees have access to their own email or phones, so by showcasing information on digital signage you can get rid of the bulletin boards and make sure your employees are up-to-date.