The Challenge

Provide eye-catching messaging for employees and visitors to Sifton Properties head office. As a diverse real estate development company, the digital signage solution needed to be flexible, adaptable, and easy for staff to update, with the potential to expand into other locations.

The Solution

EyeLook Media developed a zoned screen that facilitates different content and focal points while transitioning to a full-screen view every few minutes to present a brief corporate video.

Used for cross-promoting a range of services and providing updates on Sifton projects, as well as playing welcome messages, a 47" screen was installed in the office's waiting area - just outside the main boardroom.

Sifton staff members are able to keep digital content fresh and relevant, with EyeLook Media providing more complex content updates on an ongoing basis.

The Results

Our digital signage solution has been deployed in multiple Sifton office and business locations. It provides an eye-catching display that uses information such as the time, date and weather, as well as Sifton-branded content specific to each business unit or office location.

We are currently working with Sifton to develop an interactive directory system within their landmark office tower One London Place.