The Challenge

Provide a more cost-effective and engaging method in the promotion of food menu items for their Edgy Veggies food vendor in the university’s cafeteria. In addition, we wanted to capture the attention of the student body while promoting and cross selling a wide variety of menu options.

The Solution

Install two 32” digital TV screens on each side of the location, and place the required digital signage hardware in a discreet location. These two screens hosted two different menu structures promoting different menu items on each screen.

EyeLook Media provides the content strategy & development on an ongoing basis, as well as management, updating and monitoring of the content as requested by The University of Buffalo officials.

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The Results

The digital signage solution provided by EyeLook Media eliminated the continuous print costs associated with the previous print- medium menus and succeeded in effectively engaging the student population on campus. The strategy implemented by EyeLook Media resulted in a dramatic return on investment and objective.

Continuing this digital signage strategy, in February of 2012, EyeLook Media was asked to further install three more screens in the cafeteria to service three additional food vendors. We have continued updating all of the menu boards as well as their promotional advertisements since.