Digital Menu Boards: The benefits and why you should make the big switch

Getting down with DMB’s: Digital Menu Boards in the Quick Service Restaurant

Ah… smell that! Food, glorious food.

Walk into to that fast-food restaurant with a hankering for pizza, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, shawarma, wings – whatever your fare of choice may be – and the aroma can be very enticing, especially for that hungry patron with a rumbling in his stomach and money in his pocket.

Sure, they know what they want – that’s why they’re there. They came to your restaurant for that slice, wrap or delicious beefy burger. But what they don’t know they want is regulated by what you’re not telling them – or let’s go one step better – what you’re not SHOWING them.

Yes… show them. Show them when they are in the buying mode. Tempt them with the power of digital signage – full-motion graphic images of those tasty side dishes, those frosty, thirst-quenching beverages, those two-for-one offers they simply can’t resist.

And, show them with the most powerful promotional tool available to restaurant owners today – the digital menu board.

The benefits of digital menu boards in the QSR environment are undeniable. Of course, like any effective form of marketing, there is a cost associated with the deployment of digital menu boards, but a recent article on Digital Signage Today should give QSR operators at the very least, pause for thought:

  •      11.5 percent of QSRs in the U.S. recoup their initial investment within 6 months
  •      30.8 percent recoup their money in 7-12 months
  •      26.9 percent recoup their money in 13-18 months
  •      19.2 percent recoup their money in 19-24 months
  •      11.5 percent recoup their money in 24+ months

Bottom line: The average QSR operator can plan to recover their initial investment in digital menu boards relatively quick. Any revenues above and beyond that initial investment becomes profit – it’s all gravy (mmmmm gravy — now there’s an upsell suitable for digital menu board messaging).

What is truly palatable? The sales boost experienced by restaurants incorporating digital menu boards ranges between 10 to 50 percent. You do the math.

Here are some more yummy facts about the perks of digital menu boards:

  •    Upsell items – slowing moving inventory, higher-priced items, add-ons, side dishes, special offers, etc.
  •    Easily updated menu’s – saving your business and staff both money, associated with the cost of printing and reprinting your menus, and time – staff time.
  •    Day parting – adjust your menu offerings to reflect the consumers visiting your establishment based on time of day and/or customer type. Do you have a student rush at lunch? More family customers during the dinner hours? Digital menu boards can be setup to target that specific consumer at that specific time of your business day.
  •    Improve the customer experience by reducing perceived wait times with engaging content – satisfying your customers and sell more products.
  •    Easily create consistent branding for all your promotions and ensure all your displays are up-to-date while complimenting the atmosphere of your restaurant.
  •    Go green – digital signage reduces your environmental footprint – save the trees and the money you would spend on repeated and often high cost of printed materials.

There can be no doubt. Digital menu boards today are a major part of the quick-service restaurant environment.

Ah… smell that? That’s the smell of increased revenues and happy customers. Show them your delicious food and make your customers hungry for more.