Digital Signage Subscriptions Explained

Digital Signage Subscription Services: A small business owner’s best friend

Today, it seems no matter where we go our senses are inundated with digital messaging.

Ask just about any savvy business owner and they will agree, digital signage is a large, well-established market. From the quick service restaurant to retail operations, to the corporate communications/industrial landscape, digital signage has established itself as a go-to medium when it comes to getting across promotional, educational and entertaining content in an effective and engaging method.

Simply put, it’s almost everywhere – to the point where it has become sublime in our daily movements throughout society. And why is it popping up everywhere? Because it works.

According to a recent study by Arbitron, digital signs reach an astounding number of consumers: 70 per cent have seen a digital video display in the past month, compared to 43 per cent noticing ads on the Internet or 41 per cent on Facebook.

In addition, 52 per cent of teenagers and adults have viewed a digital display within the past week, and 75 per cent of travellers recall seeing an outdoor LED billboard within the past month.

There is, however, one deterrent that can impact the decision of small business when it comes to reaping the benefits of digital signage – the cost. The hardware, software and content creation/management can, in some cases, create an up-front expense for the small business owner that seems almost insurmountable.

The solution: Digital Signage Subscription Services

From Outdoor LEDs to simple single-screen applications, a monthly subscription service can allow almost any business owner to enter the realm of digital signage.

To fit the model of offering complete turn-key solutions, which effectively takes the worry off the shoulders of the business owner and allows them to focus on, well, their business, subscription services for digital signage not only needs to address the up-front hardware costs, but must also take into account the time and monetary investment in strategic content creation and management.

From the small business owner perspective, a subscription service should include:

  •      Consultation with a team of digital signage experts – matching your needs and objectives with your digital signage deployment
  •      The initial creation of your on-screen experience – which will be viewed by your clients, customers and visitors.
  •      A content scheduling and management regime – keeping your visual communications relevant.
  •      Ongoing consultation with the best interests of the small business owner in mind – ensuring your visual messaging continues to be effective and inline with your sometimes changing goals, objectives, products and services.

The ultimate goal of digital signage subscription services is to provide an effective, and engaging digital signage deployment for a low monthly cost, rolling the hardware, software and content into one neat package. In this way, even the mom-and-pop shop can compete with the big boys when it comes to digital signage.