Just DOOH It!

Back in the 1970s businesses first discovered the amazing draw that real-time images had on the consumer within their place of business. The advent of closed-circuit television opened the eyes of business owners and consumers, when it was first used to promote products and services, and the power of what we know today as digital out-of home (DOOH) advertising was born.

Today, digital signage is so dynamic. The jaw-dropping graphics and real-time, point-of-sale presentations are undeniable in engaging and motivating the customer, and while recent statistics from the Out of Home Marketing Association of Canada indicate the tremendous reach attainable via the digital signage medium, it is still only seeing approximately 4 percent of the market share as an advertising medium.

But times are changing. By taking the time to learn and get educated, more and more businesses are opening their eyes to this effective marketing medium and are finding ways to implement innovative DOOH messaging into their marketing strategies.

Companies are Going Digital

A report out of the U.S. revealed that a mall in up-state New York has deployed digital signage kiosks that integrate social media. The aim is to drive traffic to the mall and help shoppers navigate once they arrive. It’s quite a potent combo — digital signage meets social media; a match made in marketing heaven — and is an excellent example of why businesses should stand up, take notice, and at least start thinking about digital signage as a go-to medium. Granted, in the timeline of technology, both digital signage and social media are relative infants, but both are growing fast and creating waves of epic proportions. Businesses of all sizes need to catch these waves and ride them to the friendly shores of profitability.

Digital signage is not just for big business anymore. Companies are offering affordable alternatives that allow small business to take advantage of the power of digital signage. From in-house to city-wide, targeted network solutions, DOOH providers are enabling businesses and organizations of any size to tap into this innovative technology. Even providing a worry free solution that not only includes the hardware to deliver the message, but the creation, monitoring and management of the content required for effective messaging. Solutions like this make sure companies that don’t have in-house marketing teams are still able to compete on the big business level.

Is Digital Signage The Right Fit?

High-definition flat screens, powerful media players, remote access capabilities allowing for real-time updates, and split screens that don’t just advertise but entertain and engage. Digital signage should be given strong consideration when sitting down to prepare your next marketing plan. It is important to do your research to find out which provider has the products and services that would best fit your needs:

  • Are you looking for an in-house solution to promote or educate internally?
  • Are you interested in narrowcasting your message on a well-established, targeted network?
  • Do you have the time and human resources to manage, update and create your own content?
  • How much are you looking to spend and how will you measure your ROI?

Some quick facts to make your mouth water:

  1. Consistent studies have shown that out-of-home advertising, particularly digital signage presentations, have the greatest reach over any other medium.
  2. Digital signage has the ability to deliver high-quality content to engage an often captive audience and content can be easily and quickly updated to improve or adjust messages.
  3. Digital signage can reduce the perceived wait times for consumers, creating a more pleasurable experience in retail or service industry settings.
  4. Content can easily be created to target specific demographics, promote specific products, build brand recognition and provide helpful, value-added information, without being perceived as an intrusive sales pitch.
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