Menu Boards are convenient, effective and flexible. Make sure your products are seen, and showcase what makes your company unique with confidence.

Use Digital Menu Boards to Entice Customers

The restaurant business is fast paced and we get that. That is why we offer service plans that take any updates off your plate, and instead leave them for us to manage. We will make sure your menus play during appropriate times of day, and if you have specials, we will promote them on the days you want. Now let’s show off your delicious food and make your customers hungry for more.

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The Benefits of Restaurant Digital Signage

  • Automated Restaurant Menus icon

    Automated Restaurant Menus

    Have your menus change automatically, so that you are showcasing the relevant information for that time of day. Prescheduling different daily specials to play? No problem!

  • Eliminate Manual Processes icon

    Eliminate Manual Processes

    Decrease or eliminate the time and money that you spend on creating traditional printed menus. Updating these menus can be as easy as a click of a button.

  • Make Updates in Real-Time icon

    Make Updates in Real-Time

    Easy updates that allow you to make changes on the fly. Has a rush left you out of a condiment or a menu item? Take it off the menu so that you’re not advertising it until it is back in stock.