Grab their attention with digital signage. This powerful combination of text and graphics allows you to connect with your customers like never before.

Add Serious Gravitational Pull to Your Brand

Digital signage delivers top-of-mind messaging that’s proven to increase customer engagement and drive revenues while reducing the high costs associated with the production and distribution of printed and Point of Sale materials.

Its full-motion graphic and video content electrifies your brand with jaw-dropping visuals, which educates the consumer, and inspires a need, a want, or a desire to learn more about your business.

Today’s consumers are used to getting their information from a screen. With digital signage you can reach them with a branded message that could include information about your latest product or service, your social media feeds, a variety of internet news or text tickers, as well as the time and weather.

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How Digital Signage Boosts Your Business

  • Brand Perception icon

    Brand Perception

    34.5% of consumers admit to making assumptions about a business based on the business’s quality of signage.
    — NSREC

  • Customer Engagement icon

    Customer Engagement

    Customers are 10 times more likely to observe dynamic, digital signage media, than static presentations.
    — IBM research

  • Visitor Experience icon

    Visitor Experience

    How can digital signage work for you? By improving visitor experience & environment by 80%.
    — study by Lyle Bunn (Ph.D)

We are extremely pleased with the overall success of our in-store digital media that EyeLook Media has provided. Not only has it enabled a more engaging way to up-sell and cross-sell product, but it has improved the overall look and feel of the store and created a revenue source in so many ways. The team at EyeLook Media are quite professional and clearly are the best in the business at what they do! I have and will continue to give them referral business so other retailers I know can reap the same benefits to their business also! Thanks EyeLook Media!

Jess Kicks Pet Paradise London